IPS vs 120hz

I'm looking to buy a new monitor, preferably 23 inch or 24. I'm stuck whether or not I should get either an IPS monitor or a 120hz. I usually play League of Legends. But at times I play Natural Selection 2, Insurgents, and Dayz. I was thinking of getting an Acer H236HL or an AOC i2367Fh. I really do like the overall look of these monitors due to it being clean. But I am able to get an Asus VG236H for about $150.

What is the best monitor for me? 

EDIT: My specs are

i5 3570k oc'd at 4.3ghz

EVGA Gtx 670 FTW
Corsair Vengence 8gb
Corsair CX750

Asus P8Z77-VLK

Seagate 1tb
Seagate 320gb


Currently I have an Acer G236HLBbd


Side note: I do wear glasses and I hate stressing my eyes out. Bad enough that I wear glasses.




Depending on what you personaly prefer.. if quick response times, is important to you, and you dont care about colors or viewing angles, then the 120HZ could be your thing.

If you do care about great colors and and viewing angles, and you care less about quick response times then Go ips.

Faster paced FPS and racing games benefit from 120Hz. Though, I personally prefer IPS for all types of games, and productivity.

You should choose a monitor that best fits the games that you play. 


High refresh rates help with eye strain for me personally.

At 1080p I would go with the 120+hz they also give you a huge advantage in gaming. I cannot even play Dota 2 any more at 60hz everything just looks like a giant blur to me.