IPS, TN, VA what to chose

Hello everyone, I did not find a branch about monitors, so we will create my own. I decided to buy a monitor for myself because the old one is more likely dead than alive. And here I was faced with the question of which monitor to choose, such as an IPS is the quality of a picture, TN is speed, VA is contrast, but is it so noticeable for the average user (I play and watch movies) and I need to overpay for something that I don’t even notice? (Here I chose 5 models which I think to buy https://www.bestadvisor.com/27-inch-monitors if someone wants to understand in detail) Or just tell me what monitor matrix to choose on Personal experience?

I personally prefer AH-ips panels, just because of their great colors and viewing angle’s.
TN panels are more favourite to gamers i guess, because of their fast response times and such.
But the viewing angle’s are generally not that great.

VA panels seems to be somewhere in the middle.


I just do not understand the joke with TN, for example, 4-5 milliseks, because this is the frequency of human blinking and it is really noticeable to the gamer? I heard about the IPS, if you take a budget one, pixels often fall out, so I’m suffering with a choice

This has some good descriptions which can help you make a more informed decision

Since it seems you’re after a great experience at 1920x1080 resolution, I would recommend finding an IPS panel that has a low response time and high refresh rate.

If you have a graphics card which can deliver more than 1080p, you might look at “2k” displays (2560x1440) like this one

Essentially you’ll want to read up on the differences between TN and IPS panels, decide whether or not you care about super-low response times (anything under ~10ms is pretty damn responsive).

Regardless, I recommend getting something your graphics card can handle and deliver 60 frames per second (this means the monitor’s refresh rate of 60Hz or more is being fully utilized)

Gaming at 1080p at 60Hz is a very nice experience
Gaming at 1440p at 60Hz is even better, but it depends on your GPU

Let me know if you have questions. Best of luck.

Thank you, right now I will read :3

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Been more and more thinking that VA because I cant see shit when witchering in the dark, and I’m trying to angle better view to just barely distinguish something

U have TN now?

and yes

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I also thought and decided that I would take the VA, I think it would be the best choice

Good choice, in that case you should mark the thread as [SOLVED] in the title :slight_smile:

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VA panels are a good choice generally.
AH-ips panels are generally a bit more expensive.
Ips panels are more popular with graphical design users.
Because of the viewing angle’s and great color reproduction.

and that only after professional screen calibration

Depends on the panel. For design or editing VA can be ok to a degree. If you want something that is better than just kinda ok, you need to go IPS. (And obviously IPS doesn’t mean it can’t be shit. There are bad displays of all sorts.)

No, mainly for games and TV shows)