iPod won't connect!?

So I was given a iPod classic and when I tried to connect it to my laptop, I got an error message saying that the USB device has not been recognized. Anyone know what I can do to make my ipod connect? 

Have you installed iTunes? Usually it will detect it right away.

Yes I have, if I go into iTunes and click on devices, it won't show up. I don't know if this a Windows problem or USB problem.

How's the cable? Do you think it's in good condition? Try another USB port as well. And check if the connector on the iPod isn't damaged or anything.

Cables fine, I use it with a wall charger to charge my iPod for now and it works fine. I've tried all 3 USB ports on my laptop, all of them are USB 2.0. I really do think the connector might be broken but, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test in on another computer. Nearest Apple store is 3 hours away :/