iPod+Water Help!

Hey everybody. Two days ago, my sister dropped her iPod into the bathroom sink. She informed me that it wasn't much water but she immediately turned it on to see if it was working (I had told her not to do this before, but no one ever listens until they are in danger) and it did work immediately, but later (5 minutes) it just died. When she visited me to get my opinion on what to do, I immediately stuck it in a bag of rice, where it has been for over 48 hours. After taking it out this morning though it still refuses to work.

I understand that it's probably screwed but are there any other things that I can try to get it to come back to life?


If you are able to crack it open, spray electrical cleaner in there, let it dry out for a good couple of hours.

Otherwise its toast.

Heh exceedingly blunt. Thanks.

I have good news for you if you have 5th Gen Ipod then your in luck go to the apple store bring all the stuff that came with your Ipod and tell them what happened then they will switch your Ipod for a new one.