Ipod classic 120gb help!

My ipod is making what sounds like hdd noise everytime i skip songs or go through differnt menues , is this normal? or should i go see if it needs to be replaced?

If you hear ticking noises the hard drive might be failing, make sure you have a backup. Maybe check for mad sectors with minitool partition wizard.

The iPod classic uses a  ZIF 1.8" HDD and thus needs to be treated like a delicated piece of hardware.

My friend used to take his running (depite that I said it would kill it) and it died within a year. Mine meanwhile is still going strong after 5 years.

I doubt you can get it replaced as they haven't produced a 120GB model for a good few of years.

You can easily replace the iPod's Classic hard drive. I'm planning to buy a 256 gb SSD so it doesn't fail.