IPMI fan control for Super Micro motherboards

Hi all,

Here is a Linux systemd service implementing IPMI fan control for Super Micro motherboards. Can help to miminize the fan noise of your Home Server / NAS.





I will check this out, thanks for posting it

Right now I just manually set them via the IPMI CLI to a percentage that usually works

If my closet gets too warm, the CPU’s get to 100c and it beeps, waking me up

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Great, I hope it will help. Let me know if you have any issue with the configuration.

Hi @peter_s I am thinking of building a huge virtualization server useing 2 of AMD’s Rome EPYC 64 core prosessors. The only motherboard I could find that had two socets is manufacture by Super Micro. So thanks for your hard work.

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Thanks. Let me know if you start implementing this. Till now I have tested this software only on Intel CPUs and I would be really curious to see this running on AMD platform too.

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It will take some time. The project I have in mind looks like I will spend $10,000. I can’t justify that amount of spending in one go. I am looking into the possibility of purchasing; a used server from a Data Center or Large Company. The biggest hurdle to completing this project is finding a custom case where I can rack mount it. Project EPYC Virtualisation Server (The project’s name) will be housed in a rack for two reasons. I don’t have any floor space where I could accommodate Project EPYC, and because of all the noises, the spinning fans will create, Project EPYC needs to go into my rack room.

I see, then it will be a challenging project. Good luck for finding the right components :slight_smile:

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