iPhone - Apple ID doesn't exist for iCloud - can't use phone because of constant notification to sign into nonexistent Apple ID

Seriously fuck you apple. I upgraded to iOS 10 from 7 and now I can't use my phone because of a notification from iCloud that I need to sign into an account THAT DOESNT FUCKING EXIST FOR AN EMAIL SERVICE THAT NO LONGER FUCKING EXISTS! And I can't even turn off this fucking notication, the Apple ID motivation to to sign into this non existent id with a non existent email. I can't delete my iCloud data either because find my iPhone is linked but again the damn id doesn't exist and neither does the email for it.
This bug has been here for years. Except before I got this notification only anytime I restarted my phone, once, now it's every 20 seconds.
Any suggestions?

Try a hard reset

yeah but then ill lose all of my data and i cant back up the ohone because the icloud stuff will be backed up as well.

You can't save your media connecting the phone to the PC using iTunes and than go for an hard reset?
If not the only thing is go to an Apple store and bang your fists onto the counter until you get all of your files and they fix your phone (avoid if there's any glass involved).

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