iPhone and the PhoneBloks

To Logan, Staff and community

Thoughts on the new iPhone 5C...personally, I think its a horrible idea that you would have a finger print reader on a phone that seems to upload to Apple which in turn could be turned right over to NSA and POW back in the same boat we were a few months ago with the shock and awe that the government is spying on us. I could see this being used to do a bit of evil and being able to track you and with finger print to confirm its you there could be no more hiding from anyone.


On the other subject that I wanted to show off, I had a coworker show me this today and I thought it was damn smart and amazing


A phone that can be custom made for your needs and as upgrades come along this is going to take off like crazy if it gets the right market. I know if this makes the INBOX Logan can make a much better explanation of the concept, but you have a stock 1.3MP camera and want a 5MP camera simply pop off and put new piece in, and this is the whole phone being modular.

Wanna see what yall think of it and hopefully the phone is brought to light or gets a nice kickstarter cause I'll be in on that quick.


"unfortunately" I don't think that PhoneBloks thing is going to happen, I quote "unfortunately" because I actually think it looked quite crapp-ily designed anyway. I mean who wants to hold a <2inch thick cuboid in their hand? Also as far as I know it's almost impossible to just "replace" a processor or the likes quite so easily, it's just simply not as easy as the guy made it out to be. Every component has different connections which cannot just be set aside for new connections, the processors are based around them.

I have to say when the man said "getting a bit slow? just switch out the unit that affects the speed" I cringed a little.