IPhone 6 bending in pocket

What surprised me a lot in the video was that the significant amount of permanent bend on the iPoop 6 did not crack the screen or even the "gorilla" glass on top. It cracked on the way back. 

The creaking and groaning described on the Note video seemed more like the expected response from an electronic device composed of not very flexible elements like LCD, PCB, battery etc.


Breaking News: Apple doesn't like hipsters or girls with tight pants. They believe the world should wear baggy pants or just have a bag for your phone. The next big thing is here, the iStraightener: leave your phone on it over night and it straightens your phone safely!

I'll stick to my note's thank you.

I agree recalls are done with harm could happen to the user but a cheap phone being bent is something they won't recall just try to cover up with some bull shit. But they won't be able to cover this up I mean people can bend these things with their hands.


The weak spot is near the buttons so I'm guessing for stress testing the housing they half assed it and didn't think of the cut outs for buttons to affect the structure very much. *slowly claps for apple

And people are saying that it's because of the big footprint and thinness but there are thinner and bigger devices out there made of aluminum I think apple just dropped the ball on this.

ya but the htc one is quite a bit thicker it being 9.3mm thick compared to the 6.9mm of the 6plus 

They'll fix it with the next iOS update lol.


I have a Galaxy S4 and it has been dropped quite a few times both with and without the Otterbox Commuter case I have. It still is working perfectly and physically it is fine. No cracks or scratches. Plus I don't really think it looks bad at all. 

Plus usually when you go plastic you have a removable battery with easily expandable storage. Something i require. 

"OMG Becky I got the new iPhone!" *squealing female friends* "Lets take a selfie!" *takes said selfie* "Let me upload to instagram... What the fuck? I can't connect to internet... I just locked myself out.... What the fuck? Now touch ID doesn't work?!" *angry new iPhone user bends the iPhone with a little effort* .... Enjoy your new iPhone.

New sport/prank iPhone 6 bending:

1. Go to apple store

2. Bend as many iphones as possible 

3. Winner is person who bent the most and/or didnt get caught.

This sport may even make apple do something about the issue ;p

Things are just went from bad to worse today here in oz.


What a shitstorm.

Do the same to some Android phones...

Look I have to point out that if you read the fingerprint you would have noticed it said improper or proper usage may result in banding of product.

Here is a follow up video and also the bending seems to only be an iPhone 6 Plus issue, the regular 4.7" iPhone 6 does not seem so susceptible to bending.