Ipad screen in PC window

I added a Ipad screen to my PC case window.

what you guys think?


UPDATE: moved it and added a bezel.


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Okay yeah, this is freaking cool. Think you could make a video displaying it's functionality? Or maybe just explain how you use it. I'm curious. :)

Using that screen just to display temps and stuff would be cool.

Apart from the novelty factor and using it to monitor temps, i don't really see the point of it. You could've just used a fan controller that also displays temps. Or you could use this display to check downloads while you game on your primary monitor? Good job though

My pc see's it as just another monitor.

It is just a Ipad gen 4 LCD panel on my case window with a displayport controller.

It would be awesome to do something similar but with the 5.25 inch bays. 

Whats the refresh rate like on those screens?

Its 60 Hz at 2048x1536.

It is the perfect width for that. I may buy more screens if i can think of things to use them for.

This is kinda cool

You could always make a super tinny eyefinity setup :D

LOL i have thought of that, but the res is a bit high.

Can you imagine showing up to a LAN with a tiny PC and a briefacse? Everyone would be like "What's in the briefcase?" and you;re just opening it up like "My freakin' 25 inch eyefinity setup!"... :D

UPDATE: moved it and added a bezel


YOU should TOTALLY make an EYEFINITY setup with this tiny Ipad !!! LOL would be hilariously Funny and cool to see it in action xD

That would cost me about $500 ish just for the lolz, soo we will see.

I do need someone from the UK to buy me or ship me a displayport MST hub.

Now that is a good idea for a build, putting a PC inside a suitcase, for lan parties :D

Just bought a club 3D MST Hub from amazon.co.uk, so that will take about a week or two to ship. maybe in a month I will buy 3 screen controllers and 3 more screens. If I get all this crap, I will have 6 monitors on my PC LOL.