iPad Retina Display as DisplayPort Monitor?!

Hello Everyone,

I was looking into using a super high res iPad display, more for fun than anything. So: I wonder if Wendell has done that already, it looks like the display that can be seen with logan in some episodes of the Tek as well as the one he uses in that bizarre Lian Li Case. 

Is that true?

I've found a very nice and sort of innexpensive solution sold by Adafruit in the form of this driver:


They also sell the display for around $100 but I've found non OEM ones for around $50:


What do you guys think of the concept? Its probably not something I will do myself at this time at least but it looks like a fairly interesting idea. 

PS: If anyone from the Tek Syndicate team is looking at this (Hopefully Wendell will for my other question), a Display section in the forum would be nice.




We got our retina display off ebay for like $30 shipped from china. They're a 'hot' item though so.. they seem to cost more now.


Yep! Thanks a lot Wendell. Sorry for the late reply. I was thinking of maybe just making a breakout board for the iPad connector with a really basic power circuit for the backlight. If you get a freaking UHD 10" monitor for like 50-70$ with current prices that would be awesome. I'll jump on eagle and see what I can do XD