iPad Air First Gen Doesn't Turn On & Doesn't Restore

Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone can help me out here, but I came into possession of an iPad Air for free and it is in pretty much perfect shape.

However, it refuses to turn on.

I charged it overnight and attempted to reboot and nothing. I connected it to my PC, iTunes detected it and I attempted to restore. However, it seems to hang at "Preparing iPad for restore..."

Any ideas on how to fix? Would be greatly appreciated!


I have had this happen to a few iPads I worked on. They would not restore while connected to a PC. Connected it to a Mac and it restored.

Does it show a "connect to itunes" screen at all? Which would be recovery mode. You might want to give DFU mode a try...

Leave it plugged in, hold the power and home buttons until it shuts off, after a few seconds let go of the power button (still holding the home button). Once it shows up in itunes try initiating a restore again.

It usually doesn't matter for something like this, but maybe try running itunes "as administrator". There has been some weird stuff caused because of Window's permissions being stupid.

Nope. It is completely blank.

I gave DFU a try but it still didn't work. Instead of hanging on Preparing iPad it was hung on "Waiting for iPad."

Thanks though for the suggestion.

Will try now.

Hmm will have to give it a shot. Need to find someone with a Mac lol

Back in my iOS days, Hooking up to another computer fixed 99% of restore issues.

Why doesn't it Restroe? What the hell is Restroe?