iPad 2 icloud locked

So I have an iPad 2 that has  the icloud locked to the previous user. Is there anyway of removing the icloud activation?

I've tried restoring it, it still asked for the icloud password for the user. 

It is not stolen. In my spare time I purchase lots from places like liqudation.com to sell online to make some extra cash. One of the lots had the iPad in it. 


Any assistance would be appreciated. 




Yeah, I have the same problem. My buddy found an Ipad with a cracked (but working) screen in someone's trash, and it had the Icloud lock. He tried formatting it and it didn't help, so he brought it to me a few days ago. And I have made exactly zero progress, it may as well be a paper weight.

Wow, the greatest/worst feature of all time. LOL. 

Apple is starting to suck the more I use their products.  My damn iPad won't open apps from the app store.  It's really getting on my nerves.     

Only way its gonna be possible is with a factory restore. Get this problem a lot where i work. I think a lot of them are stolen for as often as it happenes 

Impossible, don't waste your time. Sell it for as much as you can get.

I believe that you can force rewrite the system files by DUF modeing the iPad, connecting it to iTunes, and force restoring an iOS image. (I'd recommend 6 or lower because activation lock doesn't exist, but this may not be possible depending on the current firmware of the device). To do this, connect the iPad to iTunes, when is comes up and asks to restore, press shift and then click the restore button. This will open an explorer window where you can locate a .ispw file. Here's a link to the one for and iPad 2 WiFi 2012 *Link*. If that's not the right model that site has all of the .ispw(s) you might need. When you download the file find it with the explorer window that iTunes opened. iTunes will not complete a manual restore of the iPad. This should overwrite the system files that handle encryption. This has worked for me a few times but is very dependant on the firmware version of the device. Good Luck.