IP KVM for laptop jumphosts?

Hi we usually get so-called “corporate-spec workstations” from our clients which are simply corporate laptops with installed all required security software on them to allow us to use their VPN “safely”. It was okay when we had like 1 or 2 of them but when we have to be 24/7 on-call and have access to them while there’s like 10 or more laptops it’s starting to be really troublesome considering that clients don’t allow us to install any remote desktop software on them and those laptops don’t have RDP enabled.

We’re looking for some form of IP KVM that will allow us to connect multiple laptops and RDP or VNC into them on hardware level (keyboard/mouse emulation and HDMI output capture).

Do you know such hardware?

Do you have to be able to see all screens at once, or is being able to just flip through them okay?

If thats okay, check out TinyPilot or PiKVM maybe?

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We ordered two PiKVM’s to give it a try. If it’s gonna work we’ll probably be able to get one for each laptop since they seem pretty affordable

We have used Raritan IP KVMs at work and they have worked fine, so you could consider that. PiKVM is a pretty cool idea, so I’m hoping to be able to play around with that sometime.

I’m looking to get one of raritan’s little 4k ikvm boxes, they can .net and java as well as html5

this sh*t slaps. We ended up getting 4 of them for now. They work really well for such ghetto solution, we honestly expected them to be 100% sketchy, uni-project level crap but it’s actually very nice, functional and feels quite polished all around. OCR functionality and clipboard support are fire :ok_hand: They even support booting conmected device from iso image lol.