IP Camera security systems

This is most likely the wrong sub-forum to be posting on, however I will continue. I was recently appointed head of security for a small company that manages over 100 rental properties, and I was having trouble setting everything up. You see at each of these houses my boss wants to put up wireless ip cameras for ease of use. however they have not been easy to setup, I recently acquired this new piece of software that would let me agglomerate all of the feed from every house into one central pc. the problem with that is I can only view the feed if I am on the same network as the cameras, however the central pc I was talking about earlier will be off site in my office. If there is anything you can do to help that would be wonderful. The software I am using is called ISPY.

wireless IP cameras are almost universally a gimmick. Hikvision are the best. If you have to have wireless cameras, you're best off with an extremely low framerate -- e.g. no more than about 2 FPS. Even then it can be flaky. It's really not that much to have things professionally wired and I would suggest you do that.

With wiring, you can capture many fps in crazy resolutions. The hikvision cameras can also self-manage the storage pool and automatically rotate out old images. It's possible to store the data on a simple NAS box as opposed to a central DVR as well, which is kinda neat.

I would have to agree go with wired cameras you might loos frames due to flaky connections with wireless and that doesn't boad well for security. I think when it comes to viewing from other locations that a port forwarding thing on the router.

I've had a good experience with the iSecurity+ cloud platform. There are a lot of cheap cameras that work alright and can be managed from their web app, iOS and Android. The Imogenstudio +CAM Pro includes unlimited viewing and 24 hour cloud storage for free per camera. For $59 bucks on Amazon it's a pretty solid deal vs alternatives like Dropcam.

Please excuse my late reply, thank you all for your answers. First I guess I should say that sadly I was unable to convince the owner of the properties to use wired cameras so IP cameras it is. I tested the connection at a majority of the locations and each one of them was getting about 10-15 down and about 5-7 up and in testing framerates I was getting about 20ish which is all we are really looking for. The only problem is being able to view the footage offsite. I have gone through the camera settings and configured a static IP as well as a custom port number for each camera along with port forwarding on those cameras. And when I get back to the machine that aglomerates all of the data I get a bad connection error. Is there something I am doing wrong? I plug in the static offsite IP as well as the port in the camera adding wizard in ispy and it is getting me nowhere. Any other assistance you can provide would be wonderful. Thank you!