IP Blocker


My dad has been asking me to look into something that will allow him to watch games from another country.  We live in the US and he wants to watch Galic Football from over in Ireland, but the problem is that the only legit streaming sites are sites like RTE (an Irish news channel), which will not allow streaming from IP's outside of Ireland (and maybe the UK, not sure about that).

Now I believe the best option is to get an IP blocker installed on his computer, but I honestly know nothing about IP blockers as I have little I need to worry about in that sense.

So, what I am asking is, are there good IP blockers which will not slow down the computer that much (he is using an old laptop, so it can't be to taxing on it), not bombard him with spam, and is free (or reletivly cheap)?

Thanks in advanced,


VPN service for 20 dollars a month will do the trick if your father is willing to pay for a decent service. Pretty much any of the Swiss VPN services are a good choice as they have high speed connections that don't throttle you back from what your ISP gives you and you can choose servers with IPs from anywhere in the world.