IOS vs Android vs Win RT

So its that time of year to pick up a new tablet. I have had an iPad, 2nd gen I think. And now I have a nexus 7 (2013) so I have a taste of both IOS and android. I haven't had a chance to play with windows RT yet and I have heard mostly negative things about it. I enjoy android, but I appreciate IOS as well. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on different options. 

Basically, as far as tablets go, what is everyone's favorite and why? If your going to recommend something, I'm looking for a 10'' tablet under $500. If its android, the closer to vanilla the better. 

I always prefer Android if you can manage to get a stock Google ROM on whatever device it is. iOS is simple, neat, and it works. Never tried Windows RT but my brother has a Windows phone and it is pretty nice tbh.

Yeah, if I end up going the android path again I was thinking the Nexus 10

Probably not worth it in the current form, its been a while since an update

is it even worth getting a new tablet if you already have one from last year?

Windows RT is just Pure Trash. I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro "there is a 11 inch version Pro for 500 bucks i believe" however the pro versions of these tablets have the full blown windows 8.1 experience not that RT crap.

Here's a Link

and it is doing me justice for what I use it for (the experience is the same btw i use the 8 inch version for reading, media consumption and occasional notepad taking with the Pen (which is sold Separately) but it has full blown Windows 8.1 not the RT horsepile. Running full blown windows 8.1 Apps like Foobar, Microsoft Office and Steam which can be used for Valves In-Home-Streaming. (Which does work by the way) and I will admit yes the WIndows Store is also just straight ASS. there's nothing good on it, however it does have "a small handful of Apps" that are worthy and Free, i don't advise you even consider putting your credit card anywhere near Microsoft's mouth. i will say give it a look though its not that bad.

also you can look into Nvidias Shield tablet that recently came out it's really good if you use it for everything. it comes with a pen and its stock android.

sometimes you just need a bigger screen, that's why. its good to have something dedicated to one thing. an 8 Inch tablet for Media consumption and tiny productivity and reading. and maybe a 10 inch tablet or laptop to get school work done.

i suppose that makes sense. a larger tablet with a keyboard accessory could replace a small notebook laptop for most uses.

I'm checking out the Venue right now. I have to admit, I'm liking what I'm seeing. And I have Win 8.1 on my gaming laptop and desktop, so I know how the store is. I have always wanted a windows tablet but they are so expensive. Hows the battery life on it? 

impeccable. about 8 hours on a charge. heavy usage about 6 hours this is on the 8 inch version the 11 version with the Intel Atom should be similar. like i mentioned before it does its justice. well for me it does for others. it may be different. and it does have support for 128gb Micro SD card. so 64+128gbs 192gigs on an 8 inch tablet is insane. also it comes with a free copy of Office. and let me remind you don't expect this to replace your laptop it is not going to. The Dell Venue 11 Pro will but not this one, the 8 inch is a little productivity / reading companion in my opinion.

but the problem i really have with the 8 inch tablet is 2gigs of Ram isn't enough for me. don't expect to have like more than 4 programs open. i usually have foobar, steam, firefox and the file explorer open after i open something else it slows down. but the 11 inch pro version will hold its own for the price.

How much usable space on the harddrive?

25gigs of storage left over on the built on SSD. i have the 64gig model. i got it on sale for $250 at the time. the normal price for the 64gig model is usually $270 i keep all my documents and booksfiles on my 32gb SD card and programs on the 64gb SSD. which aren't many anyways.