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iOS Users. Whats Your Recommended Apps?



You just click the power button 5x in a row, and that disables all biometric authentication. Works on touchID devices also. I do that before going through customs and security.

You can be compelled to authenticate biometrically, whether it’s your face or your finger. Much greater burden to give up a password as it’s something you know, rather than something you have.


System Status: Phone Info

Network Analyzer: Network Info

Soulver: Notepad Calculator

iNetTools: Network Tools (Ping, etc.)

OpenTerm: Basic Terminal Emulator

Architecture of Radio: AR View of Satellites, Cell Towers, Wireless Access Points, Etc.

Extra nerdy:

RF Toolbox

Intel Support


Pockethernet (Requires Additional Hardware)


Far and away, Coda by Panic. Coda + 3D Touch = blisse.
Prompt, if you don’t need Coda or need more.


Yeah that’s fine if you have time to do it, and i would do this with touchid as well.

POint being if you don’t have time to do that, you can intentionally make touchID fail quite easily.

If you are restrained and someone takes your phone, or obtains it whilst it is out of your hands, holding it so it faces your face is much easier.

e.g., at the bar, i pick your phone up off the bar and point it at you. i’m in.

pushing power 5 times every time i put the phone down so it requires passcode unlock kinda defeats the purpose of faceID.

Also, if you’re a twin - sorry, no faceID security for you…


Your nit picking, its a bit rediculous. If your at airport security you’ve got enough time to disable faceid. Instead someone answered your scenario sensibly and you then change the rules to fit what you want the answer to be.

Fact is faceid and touchid are very good security measures. If your risk profile requires more strict security your wouldn’t have it on in the first place.


You need to look at the phone for faceID to authenticate; pointing it at your face is insufficient. It’s no less secure than touchID.


Both of which are perfectly secure for 99% of people.

Anyway this is another discussion which we can have on a new topic if necessary.

Back to apps!

Why doesn’t the keyboard have swipe typing :frowning: it’s quite good except for that nice litre feature. Gboard seems to be the best alternative.


Have you tried Feedly? I jumped to it when Google commisar’d their Reader.


Yes, just use GBoard. Apple is religiously opposed to swipe typing for some reason. As of iOS 12 and current hardware 3rd party keyboards finally perform well on iOS.

@Irate_Overlord: I don’t like the Feedly app. Reeder, being one of the most thoughtfully designed and pleasant apps to use ever made, is far better. Feedly’s backend service works fine, but I personally use and pay for Bazqux.

Also Reeder 3 is now completely free, as the author is on the verge of releasing version 4, which will of course be paid. So you’ve got nothing to lose.

Incidentally RSS is another app category that’s seen tremendous UI and design innovation on iOS. I prefer Reeder for its effortless swipe navigation and maturity, but Lire is also fantastic for its full-text feeds, and both Unread and FIery Feeds are excellent alternatives too.


CamScanner for converting pictures to documents and Notability… Because it’s the best damn note taking app there is. It’s cumbersome though so I tend to use the stock app. Everything is more intuitive in iOS if you can work with the stock app suite. Pages for instance over Google Docs and stuff like that. GBoard just felt out of place for me so I left it stock… But then again I use an iPad


Splice for video editing, VSCO/Snapseed for photo editing


VLC Media Player (For FLAC files)