iOS safari forum bugs

Posting anything on iOS (both safari and chrome) has been a mess in portrait since an update many moons ago.
I figure I’m in the minority, so I don’t complain, but a fix would be awesome. Also, quoting on iOS only grabs one word.

I like the new necro rule.

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Hello fellow iOS user.

I’m running ios 11 and all is smooth.


I’m assuming you’re talking about the icons at the top of the editor in your screenshot?

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I don’t have this issue. What phone are you using?

I use the Discourse app but afaik it just runs a browser in a minimal wrapper application.

Hmm… Same from the app.

As for the phone…

iPhone 6S on iOS 9.3.3
But it worked befoorrrreee

That’s what, 2-3 years old? That could be the issue I guess.

We shouldn’t discuss this at length here though. Feel free to start a thread about it.

I thought a dedicated topic would be better for this bug.

I’m not having this issues on IOS 12.

Have you considered updating the OS?

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I’ve considered it, but I’ll have to poke around and see how iOS 12 works on the 6S. I have a jailbreak on 9, and it’s delightfully fast; I’m anticipating a sluggish experience if I update.

Against my better judgement, I am going to start an upgrade to iOS 12. I have the phone pretty much right where I want it, but my accounting software is hopelessly buggy, and many of the alternatives require at least iOS 10. Getting real tired of it.