IOMMU groups: Ryzen X370 Edition

After struggling to find this information around, and finding that the ASRock X370 Taichi will not work for me due to it’s IOMMU groupings, I had the idea to create a thread to use as a resource to know the IOMMU groupings before purchase. Please comment with the motherboard, Bios version, Linux Kernel Version, and whether or not you have the ACS patch enabled. Thanks!
Edit: Made a very slight tweak to the IOMMU gather script from the ARCH wiki to also grab your kernel version. It can be had here . It is a bit quick and dirty, but works. However, it does require lshw. Those wanting a non LSHW version can simply remove the first 4 lines.

BIOS revision:
ACS patch enabled:

Motherboard: ASRock X370 Taichi
BIOS Revision: P3.20
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
ACS patch enabled: Yes