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A nearly all-glass ATX case, by InWin. Come check out the 805.

I wasn't sure if I had addressed it in the video, but to be clear about one thing regarding the case that I >did not< like: I/O Shield cutout. Some on the internet claim its worked out fine for them, the other half are as appalled as I am that I cannot fit a standard I/O shield for my ports in the back. The motherboard actually lays recessed a bit inward, so that puts it further away from the I/O shield cutout. Therefore, even if I COULD fit a shield, the ports would still not be flush with it. Its an odd design choice, and if you like consistency, uniformity (but go ahead, make the argument that it's hidden in the back anyway lol), then this will bug you. It's a tiny thing, but it's a silly. tiny. thing.

Anywho. At least it's pretty.

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Think I'll be sticking to coolermaster for pure function

although I don't get why they put glass on the back, you'd never see anything but a mess of cables from the back

My problem with these cases is that the price is up too high where you might be thinking into jumping to a much better case (caselabs for example), but that's just my opinion. It looks nice though.

I like Agent Beard's reviews, as they add up to the hardware channel a lot (also he is eloquent ant has a soothing voice). However I believe more lighting would have improved the quality.

Yea, was an older video. Up'ing my game when it comes to light fixtures and trying to film in just more naturally lit areas for starts.

One major thing though, why not show a build inside the case? You'd usually find some things out a case after doing a build in it


I said this before but nobody listens. You don't know what are the good and bad things about Pc case until you try to use it.

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+1 for better lightning in the future, that would be great!

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Hi, i have one , so ifd you have questions, i can provide prictures and answers!

To be honest I think that a case like that sacrifices a lot performance for looks. I tend to lean more towards slick and elegant case that I can literally make it take of because of all the fans I installed in it (I have a Phanteks Enthoo Pro nonetheless).

About the review: more light, more detailed shots about it and maybe gather some dummie parts to put in to evaluate it better.

Agreed. It's less review and more of a product showcase or overview without actually building in it.

The only remotely practical application I see would be some small town custom PC build company showcasing what they can do in terms of the "guts" of a computer

InWin is rarely about practicality... It's all about presentation (showing off if you will). They offer these cases to fit a particular need. For people who want practicality at the price point of InWin then they go with case labs. For people who want a show/art/conversation piece then they go with InWin.

This was a good overview of the case but for it to be a true review imo one must build a rig inside first. But i understand that takes time to build then disassemble the rig so not too much of a big deal.

Very nice, but never unless I had multiple systems. Maybe this would be one of them. But imagine transporting this to a lan party :)

Looks like he has going by the keyboard video today