Introduction to Hacking

I was looking for Linux video's when i stumbled on this might be helpful for some or not

Armitage is a cool tool to take over linux pc or mac Opereating systems on your network. Hak5 (its like 30 min) has a good video on that and here's  (3 min)a quick look

ps then look into wifi cracking  and dont hack sysems that you dont have promotion to touch...


Didn't watch the whole video but it looks like BS.

Anyone who has watched the video (and knows what they're talking about) could probably tell you.

I wouldn't expect to get access to any system with an automated program unless special circumstances like no firewall or AV nor any file encryption were met, but is a fun tool to play with.

ps check out cowpatty + you can find the 30Gb password list on the intertubs.

You guys should try Back Track 5, if you're really into hacking. Armitage is just one of many tools that comes with that OS. Also Armitage is a combination of several penetration testing tools, only difference is that it has a noob-friendly UI.

Yes i agree bt5 is the way to go if your semi serious or OpenBSD with pre Installed Tools and massive Security Tweaks for annon Able

i found this more informative

lolz this was a okay movie tho. not realy able to hack like that tho.

One of my friends bought a netbook (I think it "fell off the back of a truck") and he didn't have a password, so I used my favorite technique, replace the sticky key application with a copy of the command prompt.  After that I went to the log in screen, hit shift 5 times and created a new user and added the user to the admin group.

The messed up part was after I got in I realized it at least used to belong to some company, part of a domain and what not, I can't believe the admin in charge of setting up the device did not encrypt the filesystem.

 Also used the same method to get a friend back into her laptop after her son changed and forgot the password

BTW Hackers was an epic movie

I introduced the last hacker attempting access to my system to a reverse hack.......bye bye

This seems like a really useful technique...could you lay out the steps needed to do it?

Hiren's BootCD 15.2 ... Nuff said. :)

defcon talk about sql injection