Introducing the 2020 iMac Mini Retina Touch!

The Apple that never fell from the tree :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Man, I love Linux…

I am curious what other Frankensteins are out there…inventive ideas or one-offs that you threw together to get some job done???

pics or it didnt happen though :slight_smile:

This IS real and NOT Photoshop…BUUUUUUT maybe I cheated with a VM and AnyDesk…still, this setup works well enough that i normally use my server at home with either Win, Lin, or Mac running on a VM (depending on my mood) rather than using the work computers that we have as i work at a school and they just REALLY aren’t great


What’s the setup? iMac mini on the back end or VM? Both?, Remote Desktop via anydesk? Do you run multiple OS’ at the same time.

What kind of work application is anydesk suitable for. E.g would it do media/drawing well or is the latency/bandwidth not good enough

I have an HPZ600 running Ubuntu 19.10 with Virtualbox 6.X and at any given time have a copy of Windows 10, a sort-of custom version of Ubuntu that i packaged for education, and MacOSX 10.14 running and can switch between the three. as a teacher I will use it anytime i need to run a program only available 9or optimized) for a particular platform though honestly that usually just means I use Pages to convert documents that kids send me to DOCX…with the latency on 10.14 through my slow connection (through a 5-yr old cell phone) the Mac setup isn’t great for much else BUT the Windows and Ubuntu setups i use for everything all day…typically i will open up my tablet with the BT keyboard and mouse at my desk and do emails, grades, etc., then grab just the tablet and run to class and then back. As for the lag, you wouldnt want to do anything like games, videos, or video editting so honestly running Mac is more of a novelty than anything else since linux works for everything that I do except for Word and Pages document editting in which case I open up one of the others…no with the latency its not really performant in any way BUT for basic usage it works great, really…i LOVE that I have all three possibilities plus android on my tablet

of course since the Z600 is on my HOME network it also gives me access to my NAS box…so for instance if I have a few minutes of downtime i will open up popcorntime/kickass/PB and download some legally-uploaded video content or whatever and by the time i get home from work its ready to watch on plex…so for ME it works well but I think most folks would say jesus just buy a thin-n-light or something like that…but yea, i like my deal

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