Introducing BlindGuyOS

Ever wondered why the hell can't I see? Well so have I! Gnome fixed this with gmag. So here's what I did: I took SUSE Studio to merge some packages with the SUSE base. Unfortunately I can't use GitHub as it comes at a cost, literally. That's about it really... it'll be uploaded on mega in a few hours if you want to download it. Of course I'll update this post with the link. The truth I have no clue how it's going to look as I took some packages such as sysVinit and used it instead of systemd. Can't wait to hear feedback.

So I thought of a slogan: BlindGuyOS: just because we can't see ya, doesn't mean we can't smell ya.

Anyone can post bugs. Just post them here in the forum. I'll try to find more people besides myself to maintain it and fix things so that eventually it will be based off of LFS.

Edit:  I believe something is keeping the OS from booting...  something about not having support for some modules.  I'll look into it. If anyone is interested I'll try posting a link to the build. For now,  I won't be uploading it. Hopefully I have something by next week end. 

I would keep systemd just because everyone seems to be going that way.

Cheers, that is cool you set up distro.

Thanks. I may use systemd in the future, but I just wanted to try sysVinit to see what the fuss about switching to systemd is. Ultimately I'd like to refine this and build an LFS system in my later endeavours. Maybe over next summer when I have tons of time.