Introduce me to Jazz

As of late I've been hearing a lot of jazz and blues. And being the youngster that I am I was very much surprised that I'd like that sort of old-sounding stuff. It's very nice, so if anyone here can point me in the direction of good stuff I will very much appreciate it.

Usually I listen to music while it's in the background, so I don't focus on it too much. Sort of like a mood setting tune one might call it. But Jazz I find hard to tune out because it's too complex in my opinion. So I'd very much like for it to be a listening experience more than anything.

If anyone has anything that I can start listening, exploring and worthy of sharing, please post it. Not just for me, but for the rest of the guys who are not as familiar with this genre.

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Here's my go-to jazz track.

During my junior year of high school I played in a jazz band as an extracurricular activity, and we played this at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

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Thelonious Monk

Jazz is a very wide and varied genre.
Depending on your interest you might like more traditional stuff.

The main fascinating part about jazz is unlike any other genre it's only rule is to not adhere to rules. Anything about keys, time signature, tempos, rhythms go out the window with jazz.

A personal favorite of mine is The Cinematic Orchestra, made famous by their song "To Build a Home" but their album "Every Day" is more appropriately "jazz" in the traditional sense, while "Ma Fluer" the - the album featuring "To Build a Home" - is more somber and orchestral.

"Every Day" on the "Every Day" album

"Breathe" from "Ma Fluer"

original "Every Day" song I provided was more of their orchestral stuff (I got the track titles mixed...I should have previewed the tracks before posting) so I have replaced the above track with something more appropriate. However, I still really really love "All Things To All Men" so here is:
"All Things to All Men" from "Every Day"

john Coltraine is another good jumping in point.

If you like thrash metal i will go hunting for some experimental jazz that uses the same techniques with just more finesse. that is one of the impressive things about jazz to me.

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Put on a good set of headphones, kick back and chill.

and i just stumbled on to these guys but so far I seem to like JazzKamikaze

Go listen to Miles Davis. One of the most highly regarded legends of jazz


These guys were the english interpretation of jazz lol

Then theres just the white guys


"Zenfunk" (but secretly jazz)

Nina Simone, probably the beyonce of Jazz/Blues, her voice is nothing like the female singers of today.

This guy's reviewed one of her best album, Pastel Blues.

My favorite track, and probably the most intense track is, Strange Fruit and Sinnerman which are really one song.

I prefer my jazz to be instrumental. Guitar is preferable. Here's a couple guys to get you started down that road:

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