Intro to Linux course on edX

I've been taking this course for about two weeks now and I've learned a lot more about using the command line than I had in 2 years of beginner distro hopping and experimenting. I find myself doing more and more in the command line because it's faster and more intuitive once you know what you're doing.

The course is free and provided by the Linux Foundation. You have lifetime access to the course materials once you've signed up. Should you want to receive a certificate, you can do so for $99 once you've completed the course.

Hope y'all find this helpful.

I was going to do that but then i realized that Linux in general is far better documented than say something like Windows. With actual help and step by step directions. Ever try and get a straight answer from windows support site? It is insane how obtuse the windows support site is. There are insanely good step by steps in linux that will also often even explain why. Free class with a cert option is cool , tho.

Yeah I hear you, and I actually learned enough from those sites to become a daily linux user, but in terms of advancing my skills, I find the wealth of documentation available almost overwhelming. I know that everyone learns differently, and some folks can walk into a crowded library and find the tools therein to pick up new skills on the regular, but I personally benefit from course structure. For those like me in that regard, I recommend this course.

For everyone, who does or doesn't find the course useful there are of course the amazing resources posted in the 1 Year Linux Challenge thread: