Intro + shameless self promo

Hey guys/gals first i would like to say how awesome it is to finally create an account. I have been watching the tek (and tek linux) since tek 100. Awesome content and great for the tech community as a whole so keep on rocking!

Me: i am a BSD/Linux advocate currently in college for system administration. I have administered my own, as well as clients cloud servers ranging from a wide array of things (minecraft servers/torrent servers/backup servers etc etc). My skill is a little more than the normal advocate, spending most of my free time deploying servers for clients. I have deployed just about any setup you can think of. I also create backend web routers (like nginix) except for they are by hand. I use googles popular language GOLANG for this.

If you would like someone to manage your own cloud server for 12$ a month shoot me a pm. I setup any web app you need + deploy custom ones. I offer updates and security packages (jailed chroots with BSD :)) i will be giving away a free torrent server to the first user who can successfully tell me what filesystem allan jude is famous for (i know you will google it :p)

While servers and hosting i do charge for, advice is always free! i love to help people learn and inspire them to create something new. If you need any help my inbox is always open.

Anyway thanks for reading this long post and i hope to see you all around the forums!