Interview for school

Hey guys and girls at Tek Syndicate. I have picked a investigative research paper, for my high school senior class, on computer security and the NSA. Basically this paper will need to cover how the NSA is using our poor computer security and why its wrong but also how to fix and new ways to stay protected and or improve computer security. If any of you guys are interested in helping me on this paper it will be greatly appreciated. I need one interview and have about 2 weeks to do it. If more than one of you want to be part of the interview that will be great.  We can do the interview either by email, the forums, Google hangout or any other form you would like. Hope you guys will be able to help me out on this. IF you would like I can give you guys a copy of the paper, and yes all of the interview will properly be created to you guys :D.   Thanks and hope to hear from you guys soom

Easy: don't use the internet (half serious).

In all seriousness though, just don't put anything too private out there, don't start looking for questionable content (like blueprints and floor plans for certain things), and just generally don't do anything stupid online.

If you don't give the NSA a reason to track/monitor your stuff you shouldn't really worry about it. Do I care if the NSA knows where I live? Not really, the government already knows that simply because of monetary transactions and place of employment. Do I care if they know that I look up porn? Not really, plenty of people do that. Do I care that they can find out my grandmother is slightly crazy? Nope, but I do feel bad for them if they listen to her phone calls.