Interstellar Marines

Does any one in in the community play it?

  • Is it any good?
  • How well does it run on Linux?
  • How beta is it?
  • Is it worth picking up?

I'm very interested in these questions as well, I've been following it for years but I haven't picked it up yet.

I have it, got it wayyyy back in the day when it was still a in browser demo.... that was 3 years and 10 months ago.... and tbh not much has changed in that time.

-Is it any good?

For 14.99usd... not really, if you can get it cheaper (they have steam sales once and awhile) it would be just an ok game. They just started to put single player in, I have not played them yet, however the walkthrough videos don't catch my interest to play them.

The MP is fine, some cool gimmicks like raising the visor to see better in fog or rain or when the HUD goes off line (you can hear better with it open as well which is really cool). The game does a good job at sucking you in with immersion, with the HUD being in your helmet and when the visor is flipped up there none, but the thrill goes away after a few matches, at lest for me.



No Idea


-How beta is it?

Its pretty much out of beta controls wise that is, but very sparse content wise (what they are promising anyway). Nothing really to write home about or even play more than a few times unless all your are playing with friends, at lest in my opinion.


-Is it worth picking up?

That really depends, if you have friends that will play with you then ya I could see it. If not, then I would say wait. The company hasn't provided much content in 3 years and its still a long way off to being a complete game, even in MP.


That is just my opinion and to be truthful I haven't played in 2 months, been keeping tabs, but haven't been bothered to play it again. Would love to hear from someone that thinks its worth picking up and why though.

  1. For the money? Not really. It's severely underfunded and under dev'd. It's a great concept that has never gotten to fruition.
  2. ask zoltan, but I get over 100fps at 1440 max settings with my r9-290
  3. Very beta, When i played it a year ago they didn't have jump implemented. (jump and sprint are in the game now)
  4. For the money? Not really. Got a few bucks left you don't know what to spend on? Just experiment with it, idk go for it.