Internet without Adobe Flash

Have any of you tried not using Flash? Maybe you have a slow PC or just don't like Flash for whatever reason.

Today I uninstalled it just for fun, as a test of sort. I have yet to run into a site that doesn't work at all although simply enabling HTML5 in Youtube's setting wasn't good enough. Apparently monetized videos don't work without Flash or something? Quite weirdly, the "YouTube ALL HTML5" addon for Firefox seemed to fix all Youtube problems. True to it's name, every video seems to work fine. I don't know what magic the addon uses but I like it! It even works for some embedded videos though not all. This might cause me to reinstall Flash which is sad. Just a bonus but the "Youtube High Definition" addon seems to work with the HTML5 addon too. Sweet.


What are your thoughts on Flash and HTML5? Should we kill Flash with fire or are you fine with it?

What are the disadvanatages to having Flash, why would you want to uninstall it?


I know HTML5 is supposed to be better/faster or something, which is why many sites are switching, but is there anything wrong with Flash?

I read the title and fell in love with you... I never touch Flash... I burnt it ages ago!

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I will miss flash games, they had a low barrier to entry learning curve so it allowed even idiots like me to make them.

Of course the downside to flash's low barrier to entry was that the web is full of a lot of BAD flash

True statement

Hah, true :D I just have Flash disabled, so I can use it when needed.

Internet without adobe flash is going to be annoying cause of the fact that you can't watch any tutorial just reading and viewing a site with any flash things. I've been a project manager in Finland at for several years and without flash many will get bored being online or even watch in youtube.

I use a flash block so that way when i run into a video i want to watch i simply click on it and it starts to load it. You don't have to worry about malicious flash but still have the benefits of using it for what you need. Its on the chrome store and I think there's a version for Firefox. I need to check if thers one for comodo  but its chrome based so should work.

Hey guys, I uninstalled Flash player recently and since then I cant watch Twitch streams and Youtube stream. Everything else works fine with HTML5 Video Everywhere! Firefox addon.

Can anyone help me getting around this issue without going back to flash? Please :)

Twitch is flash only, so you're boned there. Youtube has some settings that you can mess with in order to use html5 by default.

die,flash, die

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Yes partially. With help from others I managed to get Youtube running with HTML5 only.
But don't know about twitch.

Bit of a necro but still very relevent to today

Flash is on its last legs now, not much longer and then we can kiss goodbye to it forever

Hats off to adobe, producer of two of the worst attack vector vulnerabilities for practically a decade (flash and acrobat)

It takes SKILL to be that bad :D

im just watching twitch streams via an app on my pc which streams it to vlc and opens a chat program so i can see chat and if i was a mod i could do that

This is why people should drop twitch and gonwith HitBox HTML5 since day one. Twitch is slow, old out of touch and plain crap at its one purpose.

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I had to reinstall flash because Twitch still uses flash and I'm too lazy to open each stream in Livestreamer or write a script to do it for me. If it wasn't for that I would definitely leave it uninstalled.

Yeah I completely agree. Luckily the only people I watch are on Hitbox.