Internet Speeds Strangely Slow. Help

Hello Tek Syndicate community!

4 days ago there was a very short power cut to the whole house (this happens every now and again as I live in a very old house in the North of Scotland). It lasted less than a second. After that I noticed that my download speed had really dropped (the power cut could have easily been a coincidence). I was able to, before the power cut maintain around 800-900KB/s download but now my speed is maxing out at 250KB/s. Results:

I know very little about networking or how the infrastructure works but I have done the following steps:

  • Tried all devices.
  • Restarted everything. (PC's, Tablets, Phones and the Router)
  • Replaced the router with an old one. Still the same speed.
  • Changed Ethernet cables.
  • Tried a series of VPNs
  • Called BT (my ISP). They accepted that i had turned everything off and on again and told me they would run a a series of tests. They got back to me within the hour sounding very unsure of what was causing the slow speed. They said "We have refreshed your connection. It will take 4-5 days for the connection to become stable again." 

I will say it has only been 3 days since they did that but i have noticed no instability in my connection. Just a constant 250KB/s. Can someone explain to me what refreshing the connection means? And does anyone else have any suggestions about what to try while I wait until BT will speak to me again? 

Also I have been looking around in my router settings and found that my line status was registering at 7.906Mbps which is more like my old speed.


Edit - Just checked with my friend and his homehub has the same speed registered (7.906) yet he has 1MB/s down. I think we can safely ignore that number then.

i have never heard of a connection being refreshed or needing days to become stable.. that's a new one. perhaps have them change out the modem. and get some UPS back-ups and put everything on them..

While the basic stats may show the current synced up/down speeds, you may want to look a little deeper if your experience isn't matching the stats.  Specifically, there may be bad signal-to-noise ratio which may accompany random re-syncs of the modem to the DSLAM.  I do not think that the power outage should be disregarded as POTS equipment can be vulnerable to over voltage.


Try checking this out ( and get more stats from your router.  (If your attenuation or line noise is bad,) This should arm you with enough information to prompt your ISP to action and hopefully get your situation resolved.

Good information on line attenuation: