Internet Speed

Hey logan i was just wondering what kind of speed you get out there.

mines horrible :) like 5 down .3 up

you stalking about megybytes or megabits? I got the most cheapest shit - 47Mbps down and 28Mbps up

you think you're bad i get  5 down   0.25 up


You think that's bad? I got wireless rural "high speed" 1.5 down .15 up at home.

But fortunately at my apartment while I'm at school I got 175 down 30 up.

Yeah home is a scary place. 

I got 70 down 50 up with Verizon right now, it's pretty overpriced

EDIT: Actually, nvm, I was promised that and right now I am not even getting half of that...

I am meant to get 100Mb down and 10Mb up... and my area is getting upgraded to 120Mb down and 12Mb up early next year so I guess you could say I am in internet harmony right about now.

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We're paying for 60/6, so I'm pleased.

where I live in the UK this is like Google fibre kind of rare:

edit: we are paying for 60 down and 20 up ;D

I'm in Atlanta, GA and I get 50/10Mbps