Internet Speed

I don't really know what topic to put this in. Anyways my Internet speed is slower than we pay for. We pay for 30Mbps downlaod and 4Mbps download and we only get about 12 Down and 1-2 Up. My friend says it is our router but it is just as slow on the computer we have running wired connection and the router says up to 300Mbps wireless data rates and for the information it's Charter Communications Internet. Any advice would be appreciated.

Not much you could do from your side tbh. Call your ISP, they tend to deal with it when they get a complaint.

Yeah, call your ISP. Although, if you were caught downloading naughty things they may have docked your speed.

You're never gonna get your advertised speed. Your router is fine.

but not by that much

im advertised 25/2.5 and i get 24.5/2.45 or so (depending on how my wireless feels at the moment)

You can mod the modem.

It might be were you live, i live out of town in the uk so the connection to my house is appaling, i only get max 300Kb/s. Whearas if i stay with people in the middle of towns or especialy cites i can get way higher. But unluckly not much you can do then :/ 

Hmm are you confirming this with

Also it depends where you're downloading your files from as well as do they limit the maximum available connections to the server along with download speeds.

I like in the UK too and I generally download from UK, Germany and some time France servers.

Also you may have peak and off peak times with your ISP, so download speeds and things such as P2P may vary as well as some limit P2P nowadays regardless.