Internet Security Software To Replace AVG

I'm currently using AVG Internet Security 2016, but I am looking for a replacement next time renewal comes up because they seem to think constantly bugging me with popups advertising other products of theirs without anyway to turn it off is acceptable in a paid product...

What are some good alternatives that don't do this sort of thing?

avira is free and ranks high in detection of known malware. Dont pay for av, its not worth it.

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I like zonealarm, but the firewall can bring a lot of pop-ups. But then I'd rather the noise and initial inconvenience for peace of mind. Same for noscript...

Yeah avira's good. It's free and it has one small box popup, usually after boot, that suggests paying for it but after you close that its hands free. I think its timed to so if you leave it it fades. You can get it through ninite to.

Yeah i use Avira aswell, and its pretty good so far.
I can also tell that Avira has fixed their conflicting issues with Virtualbox.

Avast is my goto

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Avast has been doing some pretty shady stuff in the past year or so. Avoid it. Hijacking the browser search engines with google. Auto downloading files to the cloud without out consent. After uninstalling leaving behind part of the software active and still linking the net. So yes, Avast has hit the pos list. Might as well be a virus. If walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It must be a duck ?

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bitdefender and avira are good
I use windows defender and common sense - no problems so far

I used Panda (free edition) for a while and liked it. There is a pop-up at boot maybe every couple days. It is lightweight and simple to use. I installed it on my future in-laws PC today. However, I personally switched to Avira Free (and it looks like a lot of other members use it as well) because I like control and options. My one gripe would be that it is not the most elegant package making the learning curve a bit steeper.

If you want control and options: Avira
Simple and innocuous: Panda