Internet problems

So I am having internet problems,I have gone through countless modems and 3 routers. I have decided it is my internet line. The technician says its not the line and suggested trying a new modem. We have had 3 in just the last year. It works flawlessly for about 10 months out of the year and then it disconnects every few hours for hours at a time. I have as I mentioned replacement modems and have bought 3 routers in the last year alone. I know it has to be the line, but they said I would have to pay for it setting me back a few hundred dollars. Do you think I should switch ISPs? I have been with this ISP since 2006. It has been hit or miss since we had faster speeds. 2007 is 15mbps and now we are supposed to be getting 120mbps. My ISP is Wide Open West.

As you said, it probably is the line.
Maybe call them and threaten to switch ISP, then you might be able to get them to fix it.

The fix for ISP's: Keep calling, keep complaining and tell them you will give your money to someone else if they don't want to fix it

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It might be worth changing ISPs, but make sure the new ISP is using some different technology and isn't renting out service to the new ISP. If its the line, you will have the same problem but with a middle-man to get it fixed.