Internet problem

Sometimes while browsing or whatever my internet stops working and when i try to open any website it takes me to and when i log in and try to reconnect this message pops up "Waiting for Underlying Connection (WAN ETHoA 9 - Down)" it may stay like that for hours or couple of minutes. I've tried changing my IP or the DNS server but it didn't help.

PS : when i call my ISP they say my internet is fine.

i don't know the cause at all i hope you guys can help me figure it out, Thanks

Try using a different dns server other then the one provided by your ISP, are you using your own modem/router or are you leasing a unit from your ISP?

I'm using a unit from my ISP, I tried using google's dns server but i didn't help i'm still having the same problem

It sound's like your ethernet port on the router is down when you get this message. is your internal network, and .1.1 probably points to your router as a gateway. It's also possible that the connection to internet is disrupted (as in the WAN port is down).

What exactly is your router?

Sounds like your router needs to be reset. Have you tried to restart your router? From my experiance, when I was using the routers that time warner uses, I often had a dropped internet connection and I took that router back, bought my own cable modem and put a PFSense router in place, connected to 2 8 port switches. I never had a problem after that. I would advise exchanging your router that you have for a different one.