Internet Connection Issues

So I now have a challenge on my hands now. I have an HP Pavilion P6774Y that I am working on fixing. Here is the main problem, no matter what page loads, it can't display anything. Chrome says something about the DNS not responding or something like that. However I can ping to google and it would come back without a hitch. I tried to change the proxy settings, no go on that, assigned a DNS server, no dice and set a static IP no luck on that. I even brought it home and still the same problem. Going to try a driver update on it soon after I get some shut eye, so I'll leave this here for any ideas

restore everything to as it was before things stopped working.
command prompt
& type in
ipconfig /flushdns

Sounds to me like there is a piece of malware on it that is preventing you from using web browsers. Scan it with MalwareBytes.

Also I would open the internet options in control panel go to the advanced tab and click the restore advanced settings and do a reset.

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dns is not resolving -> OP can ping with reply but his browser cant resolve the address.

thats why he needs to flush the dns table so it can repopulate with correct data.

If he can ping then dns is working. If he can ping an ip address but not ping its related name then dns is broken.

what i meant was ~

So far I tried everything you guys said. No dice on any of it. Tried the driver updates, no difference. I am now thinking it might be a service(s) that might be disabled which I will have to look into

Try a tool called 'netadapter repair' probably do good for what you're having trouble with. You can find it on

other things to try

  • removing/turning off antivirus/firewall stuff ~ avast, bitdefender etc
  • reinstalling the .NET framework
  • then reinstall browsers,

I was able to get it working, had to do some research

I ran the commands

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

netsh winsock reset

that fixed it

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would be worth investigating further how the tcp/ip stack (winsock) got corrupted..
glad you got it sorted though.