Internet Connection Drops When Playing Games

I was playing CS:GO casual and i decided to play competitive, i was playing casual for about 1hr but when i played competitive my connection kept dropping for some reason. So i wait and then it reconnects then same over and over, this also happens in BF4 after 10-15 mins of playing.

My O/S is brand new and so are the drivers

Things i have tried:

Reset Router

Reinstall windows,steam,games etc

Reinstall drivers

Changed ping setting

changed driver settings

and yet nothing works this is really starting to piss me off and i dont know the cause of it, any help would be great


I am also running wired and it does the same wireless

what ISP you using, also.. check if there is a data cap on your bill.

ISP: Virgin Media

there is no data cap it is unlimited

wired or wireless?



overloaded node that your on, get a vpn and call it that