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Internal USB to SATA adapter


Looking for recommends on a USB to SATA adapter (linux friendly) I can use to connect some optical drives. I have a bunch of USB 2.0 headers on my motherboard, so if the adapter can take advantage of a header that would be best but not critical.

I’m thinking USB 2.0 ought to be enough for a blu-ray drive?

Reason for such a configuration? I’ve run out of SATA ports AND pci-e slots!



Whats all in your rig? USB hub and just use an external usb odd ?

is the external ODD enclosure I have for 1 of my 2 USB blu-ray drives



I could go that route I suppose if I don’t turn up any other options.

Rig is an old x79 xeon workstation in a big Corsair tower case… has a bunch of ssd and hard drives hogging all the on-board SATA, and various pass-through cards in most of the slots.

Also thinknig maybe an x1 riser cable, I could sneak it under a video card and somehow secure an SATA hba in there…



Probaby would be fine, honesly I dont miss having my ODD in my case. Allows for smaller sleeker cases and the ODD are just stacked under my monitor on my desk for super convenient access. Its a bit much ($40 for an enclosure, but I didnt see any other option out there, maybe some on ali didnt dig there tho, since i already had the drive)

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