Internal parts for a budget build

So, How does this look?

In the future I will be adding a 6670 and another 8 gig stick of ram and some more Hard drives when needed.

This will be for  very light gaming, The most intensive game I will play is probably Skyrim and I dont really care if it wont play at the highest settings with a million frames per second.

And of course other things like Media, maybe some light video editing, web browsing, hosting an mc server with a few freinds, and virtual machines.

This is what it will be after said ram and 6670 are added.

for the money I think that is the best you can get..

I dont really see the point in the small harddrive? you should get a 1TB green drive instead, these days its crazy to get anything under 1TB imo..

and you should stay away from OCZ right now I think..

Get the Adata logan reviewed, or else the Kingston HyperX 3K

greens are slowwwwww.... and i second that about ocz

their down 41%....