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Intermittent 1 sec Freeze


I recently built this win10 computer:

  • i5 9600k (3.7ghz)
  • asrock z390 pro4
  • drives
    • samsung 860 evo 2tb m.2 for main drive
    • some unknown 2tb hd
    • some unknown 4tb hd
  • msi 1070ti duke graphics card
  • 16 gb ram

Approximately 1-2 times per hour, I get a freeze of everything, including mouse, that lasts for 1 or maybe 2 seconds.

Can someone please give me some advise on how to troubleshoot/diagnose the cause of this?

Thank you.


I would start with ruling out the mechanical drives, run a diag from the manufacturer on each. If nothing is found then disconnect one of them and see if it fixes it. Then reconnect it and disconnect the other drive if it still happens. If this doesn’t help start looking into DPC latency, there are some tools to test this.


Reset the bios? Have you even updated to the most recent bios? If not do that.

Also is this happening constantly no matter what you are doing or is this happening using the same software over and over again?