Interesting Sleep Issue W10

Have had a few customers at my shop come in with their laptops sleeping after 1-2 min, regardless of settings.
Still looking for a solution to this problem, that doesn't involve complete reinstall.
I've got the issue on my laptop as well, but it seems pretty sporadic. (Apparently there may be a fix, and it is some thing with windows itself)
Usual steps:
1. Check Sleep/Screen power set to never
2. Check screen saver set to none, require password on wake unchecked
3. Check for 3rd party software (This is usually the issue)
4. Check bios for sleep/power saving settings
I've had a few systems still have the issue after those. I'm going through my own right now as well.
Any one have any other ideas or news for this?

I heard of PCs turning themselves off while in sleep or turning back on again on their own, but this is a new one to me and my Google-fu is also letting me down. All I get is the scenarios I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.

No idea how to solve that really, I'd personally do everything you did (apart from checking BIOS/UEFI as it's obviously a software issue if it only happens occasionally).

Since it sounds like a laptop problem have you looked at battery/power issues?
Have you checked Event Viewer to see if there's any logged info that would help identify the cause?

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Install linux.

There isn't a fix thats a basic bug that has been in windows since 8.

Its possible to have an issue with the hibernation file itself.

I was thinking the same. There must be some log showing something useful. I reckon it'll show that the system went to sleep, but maybe also how it got instructed to do so, that would be helpful. False positive in any case.

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Just happened recently, checked event viewer, it's a system idle from Kernel Power. IDK why it's timing out when it's set to not do so though. Pretty crazy.
I'm not sure on the other systems I've looked at, but I have hibernation disabled.

I'm gonna try setting time out time to 5 hours instead of never and see what happens.

What specific event IDs is it reporting?

If it is Event ID 41, some suggest it is the SSD/HDD going into sleep mode, instructed by the power plan (advanced settings) in windows.

Event ID is 42 which is Terminal Services License Server Activation. On my machine. I'll have to check if it is the same issue with the customer's machine.

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seems like waking the system with a keyboard, and not the mouse, takes care of the problem, albeit temporarily. Sure do hope they fix this.