Interesting news stories but no discussion? =)

I have been watching TS for a while now, really love the 'The Tek' episodes. Logan sometimes seems really impressed or passionate about a specific news story but I was never able to find a topic on the forum to discuss it or comment on it.

It would be great if Logan could choose one news story per episode to promote discussion on, something interesting that would spark a great debate and link to it in his YouTube video description.

Keep up the great work!


I just want to point out that if you want to discuss something with fellow community members, feel free to be the one to make a topic for it (if someone hasn't done so already).

I also feel there's a large discrepancy between the The Tek episodes and the content of the forum. While the one discusses real world interactions with/on the internet in a general sense, there are posts on the forum that dissappoint in their simplicity.