Interesting Google Trends (Corrolation or Causation)

Hey I have been playing with google trends lately and I have noticed some interesting trends. As you can see in figure 1 there seems to be a connection between searches for hotdogs and hamburgers with the hamburgers becoming more popular over time. According to my searches there seems to be a cycle of peaks and valleys that I have noticed In some trends. I find these cyclical searches interesting because of how predictable they seem to be. In this case of hamburgers and hotdogs we can see a rise in the summer months which seems to make sense with people tending to go out to eat more in the summer. This is further supported by the fact that there seems to be an decrease in hamburger searches during the 2020 summer months which would make sense given the pandemic. However, hotdogs seem to be unaffected by the pandemic maybe because people are more likely to search for hamburgers when they want to go out to eat and hotdogs when you want to order them online. But I would be interested if anyone has any other theorys.

(Figure 1,,%2Fm%2F01b9xk )

Furthermore, I found a similar cyclical cycle with depression disorder and ptsd, but I am not as sure what causes it. let me know if you have any theorys. in figure 2

(Figure 2,%2Fm%2F0l8bg,%2Fm%2F02bft )

Also this is everything together in figure 3. I would be interested if anyone has any thoughts on this or If you have found any similar cycles in google trends please post below.

(Figure 3,%2Fm%2F02bft,%2Fm%2F0l8bg,%2Fm%2F0cdn1,hotdog )

Moreover, interestingly if you look at figures 4 and 5 it seems like in the past 3 elections the most searched for candidate at their peak has won the election. It should be said that this is a vary unscientific way of poling, but It’s worth noting that Trump is currently the more searched for candidate so I guess we will see what happens.

(Figure 4,%2Fm%2F0271_s,%2Fm%2F0bymv )

(Figure 5,%2Fm%2F0d06m5,%2Fm%2F012gx2 )

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