Interesting challenge 70 Square meter screen on the roof

Hi Guys I stumbled across one of your youtube build a rig videos using a dual Xeon setup, and I really like the way you think. IT may be presumptuous to put this up as a 1st post, but you might enjoy the challenge. I am interested in your recommendations 

I am in the planning stages of creating a the production systems for new nightclub in Australia and I would like to see what your take is on what the build should be.

What I am looking at is building 6 systems, 3 for live production (in the club) and 3 on site but in a separate area where we churn out the eye candy and audio. We are looking at the 6 units being pretty much an identical base with slight variations per system requirement. the idea being is a unit dies we can pull its twin and have it back in the live environment in under 15 mins.

I want to keep the price under 2K per unit (a tall order) but I am pretty sure I can source most of the parts you recommend at close to cost. specifics such as touch screen or additional black magic intensity pro cards wont be included in build price

We currently have a Xeon based box running an app called Pandoras Box, its main function is to sync multiple layers of video with Lighting and lasers. This is done via MIDI and or DMX. in essence it is:

Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
1x SSD 200 GB (OS)
1x 1TB RAID 5 10K SAS Drives
ATI GFX (will insert model with an edit)
in 3 RU rack config.

The DVI from the ATI GFX card is fed into a Kramer switch which takes the 1280 x 768 @ 50 Hz (Must be this) and pushed it to 70 Square meters of LED Panels which will be on the roof of the club (this will look incredible)

We will add 2 x Black Magic Intensity Pro's to this config to allow HDMI input from 2 other sources IE: PC / GOPro's / XBOX 1 / ETC

Fan Noise in not really an issue as the units will be in an area where there will be 110ish DB on the dance floor ( and through clever sound design 80-90 DB in the booth area ) in any case operators will have in ear - 40 db or cans for sound isolation and communication

Vibration is an issue and cleaning can be scheduled upto once every 4 weeks.

We really want to run these units without an Anti Virus solution and isolated from the WEB in the production area we can a have a web enable box with all the AV in the world but on a separate network segment ( we have in the past had the live system crashed by an infected USB, we will be disabling the USB ports that aren't required hardware, and it will be a sackable offence to plug stuff in unless its brought through the AV enabled part of the network )

don't see the need to have these in a rack config. Unless we went the rout of buying old 2-3 yr old  servers and re-tasking

So what will the boxes be running?


Martin - MPC (intel lighting)
Pangolin - Beyond (ILDA Lasers)

4 x USB for FB3 (runs ILDA LASERS)
1 x USB for MPC Playback Wing
1 x USB Wirless mouse KB Combo
1 x USB Touch screen
1x USB APC40 Midi controller
2 x NIC one for windows networking 1 for Artnet / DMX control

EYE Candy - Output to Pandoras Box

KINIECT for windows (CUDA heavy apps)
ADOBE SUITE subscription (only on production not live unit)
Poser (only on production not live unit)
LightWave 11 + Mocap solution (only on production not live unit)
Midi Yoke

NVIDA Graphics - (Winamp Milkdrops2.0 visualisations required nvida for all visualisations to work + my personal preference over 2 decades in gaming....  well since they started)

2TB  FAST HDD moving lots of HD video multiple layers redundancy required

Audio DAW

Abelton Live
Various Abelton plugins
Virtual DJ ?
Adobe Suite (only on production not live unit)
Ability to stream or encode final audio output for YouTube channel (virtual VJ can run an entire set back at a later date and allows tweaking of a show) 

1x USB Panasonic
1x USB Mixer
1x USB Digital Amps software
1x USB Touch Screen

2TB redundancy required

You did ask for details on what the system would be used for, this will be used to blow the heads of the youth of tomorrow ( and some adults). With 20000 + watts RMS, the 70 square meters of LED on the roof +  upto 3 high lumen projectors  + 4 RGB lasers and intel lighting this is going to be fun rig to run.

If I can build the base PC's for 1500 to 2000 if would be awesome im looking for maximum bang for buck i'm interested to see what you think is a good balance of power vs performance.

PS I forgot to mention I have an Oculs rift (Dev Kit) and will be using it on the eye candy box.

I'm sorry no ones responded as your situation is really interesting but its so huge I wouldn't even know where to begin or what gear to recommend and your post is really just daunting in general. Maybe try to break it up into smaller ideas on what you need in a single system with what functionality .


dude... this is insanity

only things I can recommended:

get a titan GPU, they are far, far better for workstation type tasks than any on the 700 cards.

lots of ram

I want to see this happen.


I think we should move this over to inbox too. maybe more light and I'm sure logan and wendell could add something if they don't see it here.

Maybe instead of 6 for 2000$ each you could go for 4 at 3000$ each? You will probably get more power out of 4 at 3000$ each. Either way: 4x3000 6x2000

I have no definite idea if these will accomplish your specific task but they are the most powerful computers for their price I could conceive that are within your specifications, based on that, and the Sheer power of the higher end Nvidia and Intel parts should be enough.

about $2000 each

quad core i5's

32gb ddr3

4tb total storage

gtx titan

800w 80+gold psu

Lol you only put 16 GB of ram, not 32

linked wrong build then, will fix asap

well, if you want redundancy and speed, go for a RAID 5 array of 3 disks