Interesting Build (Need Help)

Ok, so my friend had the weirdest requirements for a build he wanted. He does light gaming, but listens primarily music, and creates music, so he needs a sound card. But he also wants a build that can play Minecraft at 60 FPS for under 500$. And this is what I came up with: (I know the price is 600$. He wants 500$ excluding the monitor.) My only question is, what should I change? And help would be appreciated. This is also my first time posting on the forum, so if it's in the wrong section, I apologize.

Personally with that budget, id ditch the CPU/GPU combo and go straight for an APU.

I don't no much about soundcards so obv you can change that :D, id also suggest getting dual channel memory (2 sticks) for faster application response times. I got a 10k RPM drive purely for better speeds when your reading/writing to disc which i expect will be done alot with sound editing (an SSD would be faster but costs more per G)

Yeah he wont really need a gpu so you could put some more in the cpu and or you could go with a small ssd