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Interested in IOMMU & ECC on the Asus ROG Zenith Extreme TR board


Progress? I sense progress!


Wanted to chime in here since this is a high ranking google result for ASUS Zenith ECC ram.

I have an ASUS Zenith and am using ECC with success. ASUS has zero ECC dimms on their qualified vendor list. Crucial’s website (not samsung b die i know :frowning:) has a compatibility tool. Took a chance and used that and my 32 Gb of udimm 2666 ram works :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear a success story!


@gnusense nice! congrats, what’s the Crucial RAM part number BTW?


part # is CT10739055. Not an ECC expert but I see DPC error messsages in dmesg so hoping ECC is functional.

Will try to become more ECC educated after my semester ends :slight_smile:

This tool came up on a search for ASUS Zenith compatible ECC. Pretty neat tool. You give it your motherboard and then can choose memory features like speed, ECC or not, etc. Tool is from crucial so only crucial/micron memory. Wish more manufacturers took the time do such testing and had similar tools.


I will add however that I did run into some memory-related POST issues at first. For whatever reason simply changing the dimm slots thats my sticks were in fixed it.

I will also add that the dimm.2 card that comes with Zenith is touchy for me. I get memory POST errors when the card is seated and locked in correctly. I discovered that the only way to use it is to actually not push it in all the way, weirdly enough. Works fine now :man_shrugging:

For trouble shooting memory errors on this specific board I recommend removing dimm.2 card.

Overall dimm.2 is a cool idea, makes m.2 drives easier to swap for sure. Needs work though. If I could do it all over again I would probably listen to Phoronix and have gotten a gigabyte x399, or better yet have just shelled out a little more for a supermicro/Epyc build.

Question for a 1950X buildserver/CI server with PCI-E passthrough with three passthrough GPUs

I actually regret picking up the Gigabyte board, there hasn’t been a new UEFI since the initial release; they basically stopped supporting their flagship Aorus X399 Gaming board. It’s crazy!!


ASUS has released new BIOS but their support is still mostly a runaround, lots of emails about moving the issues up, no follow ups. Sorry about Gigabyte’s lack of new BIOS though :expressionless:, its shameful how even the flagships of consumer hardware are lacking decent support.


Same here with my Z97 board. I don’t mess with the UEFI that much but when I do, the board just annoys me. Not just the UI but also the logic behind the scenes.
I was always hoping for a update in the two years I had it, but the board is still on pretty much the same version as it originally shipped when it came out.
My next board will definitely be from Asus, from what I can tell so far.


Leaving a tip for troubleshooting ECC / weirdly spec’d normal memory in TR4 here.

After a bios update recently, my UEFI settings were reset, and my computer no longer booted due to memory errors.

Fix was to boot with only two sticks (or whatever you can boot with), up the volts for both channels, then install the other two sticks and reboot.

I bought a kit of 4 crucial ECC sticks, two defaulted to 1.220v and the other to 1.190 volts (despite that both were 1.20 on the packaging). The 1.19 volt channel default caused the issue. I went up to 1.28 in both, because I used to OC it and play with the timings, and this voltage was fine.

Also, if you have a zenith, remove DIMM.2 for troubleshooting any memory errors.