Interested in a new laptop

Looking at getting a new laptop, my max price is around 1600 usd. I would like something that i can replace the GPU in the future in case it dies or something. I will be doing mostly gaming with it but will do some light CAD (autodesk, small projects for school) and video editing (adobe premiere). I am ok with either 15 or 17 inch and system weight isn't a huge deal if it is worth it for the cooling or expansion options.

Generally the GPU is not a replaceable part on a laptop.

Check out the MSI range of gaming laptops. Should be something with a 970M fitted in that price range.
As mentioned chances are any mobile gpu wont be replaceable.

I have looked at those but ive been told by several people whom own them that the killer nic card isnt the greatest. Also id been looking at sager systems, any word on their quality?

Perhaps look into something like this...

I had been looking at that but i cant find of the GPU is soldered in or if it an MXM card.

Finding a laptop with a removable GPU is going to be pretty much impossible these days so you might want to reconsider that.

There is this one sorta kinda.....

the majority of the sager notebooks ive seen offer it but like i said I never really bought any thing from them so im concerned about their quality.

not exactly what i was looking for trevsstrem. I want the system all in one and the MSI titan notebook is well...not a notebook. its a desktop replacement. I understand that im going to be giving up a considerable amount of power by having a laptop over a desktop but I just need the mobility.

The swap-able GPU is going to be a tough nut to crack.