Interest in a Vent server?

Hey Tek Syn,

    I have a vent server with 75 seats and top rate codecs, it sits pretty empty with just me and a few friends on it. If there is interest in it, I can setup a Tek section and give you guys the information. Just let me know if there is any interest for it.

great idea!!!!!!

That sounds like a good idea, I am interested.

Alright, I'll get the channels and access squared away in the morning when I get off work and post the info then.

Vent info. 


Port: 3854

Password: teksyn


Currently using Speex codecs for the few mac users who might login. 

The server is all squared away, Anyone is welcome. :) 

mac users, cough haha

Thanks for the access :)

Great idea. Maybe I'll pop in sometime soon.

Someone join i'm lonely :(