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Interest in a self-study linux program?


Hey, at work I’ve been getting ready to teach some googlers about some basic networking and linux skills and I figured why not spread the love and get some dual use out of the program.

If I designed a ‘mega’ solo study guide for newbies to get their foot in with the IT industry would that be something y’all would be interested in? I was thinking about covering basic Linux command line, basic networking, and a bit of shell scripting for those interested.

Thoughts on this? What would you want added?


Will there be homework or would it be purely reading a series documents?


Reading series, with links to useful labs and content I’ve found across the web. You could also ask questions in the thread if you are stuck or don’t understand something.


I’ve seen several posts about firewalls and iptables, those could be useful.

I’ve been wanting to setup my local firewall to disable traffic if not connected to a VPN but it needs access to the vpn in order to connect, haven’t quite figured that one out yet.


I’d do it. I have been using lin for years but only as a hobbyist and I am sure that I could learn something.
I am an English teacher as well so if you would simply like someone to proofread it, have a second set of eyes on it, I could do my best. I am not in North America so you would have to deal with a time difference though (sorry man).


yes please do!
as a hardware tech this could be useful for noobs to learn how to search their hardware using cli
I would be interested myself 1 to proofread and 2 to have as a handy reference guide. (my memory is still good but whose to say what its going to be in the future)